Since 2003 Attitude Computers has been helping Small to Medium Businesses within the GTA and Durham Region to simplify their technology needs. We look for Small to Medium businesses in our local community that value technology and understand that when the ‘tech’ part of your business isn’t running right, it can slow down or jam up an entire company.


Attitude Computers was established in 2003, with our mission to provide the best possible IT experience for businesses between 10-100 employee’s. Our clients get the benefit of a full-time technical support team, with experience and industry leading top notch solutions.

Our team can provide the experience of having worked with clients across multiple sectors such as: non profits, construction, legal, investment, insurance and many types of other B2B and B2C companies.

We provide our clients with a full time locally outsourced IT department that normally is only possible for much larger companies with very large IT budgets. We can do this at a fraction of the cost of an in house, or even hourly break fix outsourced tech support solution for two reasons: 1. Because of our economies of scale, and 2. Because our goals are aligned with you.


Our specialty is IT Outsourcing, Computer Support and Managed Services for Legal, Construction, Insurance, Finance and SMB’s in the GTA

Our team of experts will work best with clients who:

  • Need a secure and stable network and IT environment.

  • See their IT systems and network as a tool they can use, that’s worth investing in for long-term success.

  • Are looking for a technology expert to partner with, and take their business to the next level.

  • Committed to improving their business through the use of industry leading technology solutions.

  800 299-1831


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