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Top Solutions for data backup and disaster recovery in The GTA and The Durham Region

Attitude Computers offers comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Backup Systems that will keep you up and running despite a disaster. Most companies have a Tape Backup, or swap out hard drives they can take home at night… or perhaps even use offsite online backup. These backup methods are far from perfect.

Tape Backups – don’t let you know if the tape you’re backing up on to is bad – make sure your current technician does a test restore on a regular basis to ensure its actually working.

Offsite or Drive swapping – allows you to backup individual files from your server, but if you need to get back up and running fast, keep in mind all the settings and software that might need to be re-setup or installed before the data is usable again.

With AC for Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery solutions, we will help you to put a true backup system in place that will solve the problems of traditional backup methods.

We can give you the power to stop worrying about your irreplaceable business data and focus on running your business.

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