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Best for businesses that have high IT costs, and/or underutilized servers – Virtualization will fundamentally change the way your resources are managed

What is Virtualization?

Virtualization allows you to share resources and maximize hardware utilization on the fly depending on your needs. This is done by running multiple servers or systems on a single physical machine.

The old method, was just having one server on one physical server which doesn’t allow the same flexibility and stability that we can now achieve with Virtualization.

Why Virtualize?

Business Continuity – Securely back up data, and have the ability to recover immediately from any unplanned change – effectively eliminating downtime.

Lower IT Costs – Our clients of Virtualization enjoy needing less hardware, and less labour cost in managing the systems. Effectively saving anywhere from 30% to 70% in overall it costs.

Improves Efficiency & Productivity – with virtualization you can optimize the performance of software throughout your business.

Go Green – Lower you electricity cost each month with less hardware.

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